During the Midnight Hour Part 25

Mihrab came by twice a day, once before he went to meet Prince Vitalis and after he was done for the day. Cyra made it clear that she didn’t like that he was leaving Vitalis alone at night. Mihrab brushed her off, telling her there were guards in the hall. Cyra decided not to tell him it wasn’t someone getting in she was worried about; it was Vitalis getting out. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 23

Sand was beneath her feet. Cyra’s head turned slowly. To her confusion, the sand in the distance was disappearing. Cyra blinked and her heart raced with fear when she realized it was turning to water. She spun and started running away from the approaching waves. She pumped her arms, but the mass of water was faster. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 21

“This has to be the dumbest idea you’ve had since you agreed to come to Sardes!” Cyra hissed as she quietly shut the door behind her.

“You’re only this harsh when you’re worried about me, so, thank you.” Vitalis smiled over his shoulder. Vitalis moved to the immaculately clean desk. “Besides, the only place proof would be is here in his room.” Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 20

Cyra helped pull Vitalis up to his feet as he began taking in the desert sand around them. He smiled and was about to say something when he froze, catching sight of the Ruins’ Tree. He stiffened and said, “You centered your dreamscape around a cursed tree?”

“Exactly,” Cyra said, ducking her head. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 19

“You don’t have to go.” Vitalis’ voice was muffled through the door.

Cyra leaned against the cool wood. She stood outside Vitalis’ room, waiting for him to finish getting ready. It had been two weeks since Soray’s engagement had been announced, and the shah was throwing an engagement ball for her. Continue reading