During the Midnight Hour Part 34

The second the door shut, Cyra went completely limp. She fell into Vitalis as tears pricked her eyes again. Vitalis pulled her, facing her to him. He let her head fall to his shoulder. Continue reading


During the Midnight Hour Part 33

Somehow, she woke up.

What had happened? Everything was still blurry, and she couldn’t quite remember. What she did remember was hazy and shattered. Her magic… the dreamworld… She remembered severing her connection, and she was painfully aware of the fact she couldn’t access it anymore. Her magic wasn’t completely gone, some of it was still there. It was different and subdued, almost like it wasn’t even her own magic. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 32

“Remember how I used to talk about him?” Soray’s voice floated into Cyra’s head. A hand cradled her head. Soray kept talking softly, “I thought the world of him. The first night we met him… he was brighter than the sun. How could I not love him? He was charming and kind. Why did it take you so long to fall in love with him? I suppose it doesn’t really matter anymore now that I’m gone. My point is, you’re still alive, and you think the world of him. You love him. Don’t you dare give up on him now, not when he never once gave up on you. There’s still hope. You’ve still got a fight in you. Fight for him.” Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 28

After Cyra tricked Vitalis into thinking she had gone to sleep, she bandaged her ankle and adjusted her pants so Vitalis would never see it. She could tell he was worried out of his mind for her despite the brave, comforting face he put on for her. His concern and love was so obvious in every move he made and breath he breathed. She’d scare him even more if he knew Ano had somehow been able to cause that injury. He was better off not knowing. Continue reading