Faerly Right

“Heather wanted to be right for once, and the only way for her to be right was to get proof.” A fantasy short story about a young girl finding faeries.

Of course Heather thought she was right, no one ever believes they’re wrong without then changing their mind to the now appointed right position. Heather was a smart girl; she knew the only way to make her sister change her mind was to prove that she was wrong. Heather was going to find a faery, and she was going to catch it. After she did, Suzy would never be able to tell her faeries, and dragons, and other such creatures that featured in their grandfather’s stories weren’t real.

Heather pushed at a thick bush; she wasn’t entirely sure of how far she had gone. She ran a hand through her hair, trying to get it out of her face. Heather looked around, trying to remember the details of her grandfather’s stories. She thought hard. She thought harder than she ever had in all of her eleven years, and then she recalled a detail. Her grandfather had mentioned a creek. Heather felt the urge to hit herself, of course water faeries would be near water! She remembered her grandfather clearly telling her so. He was hardly ever wrong, unlike Suzy.

At the thought of her overbearing sister, Heather continued to push through the forest. Heather loved the forest; she considered it her home away from home. Suzy on the other hand hated it. It never occurred to Heather that Suzy’s dislike of the woods inspired her own appreciation for the thick trees and bright bushes.

Heather would normally savor every single sight she saw, but she did not have the luxury that day. She was on a mission. She ignored when branches scratched her face and bony arms. She wasn’t about to let something like a bit of discomfort stop her.

As Heather came to a steep rocky hill, she held onto to the trees so she didn’t slip and fall. She had no problem with some silly scratches, but Heather knew if she fell and hurt her ankle she’d never get to prove Suzy wrong about faeries. She was still counting on being able to tell Suzy she had told her so when the boy down the street finally admitted he was sweet on her. However, Heather would much rather prove her wrong about faeries. It would be much more satisfying.

Heather was extremely careful as she slowly crept down the hill. She had grabbed a hold of a branch on a baby tree when she glanced up and saw something. She narrowed her eyes, trying to see through her hair. It was a little ball of blue light. Heather had no idea what would cast blue light, certainly no light she had ever seen was blue.

As Heather considered such things, the ball of light started to dart around. Heather gasped and her grip slipped. The next thing she knew she was tumbling down the hill, scraping her limbs against rocks. She yelped in pain and tried to stop her fall, but Heather ended up crashing into the creek.

Heather let out a strangled high-pitched noise as she became soaking wet. Heather crawled out of the creek, struggling to keep her eyes from watering as she felt the scrapes on her arms and legs burn. She was not going to cry. She couldn’t! In all the stories, the water faeries were the nice ones. They were happy and joyful; Heather naturally assumed they were drawn to happy, joyful people.

Heather wiped at her eyes and realized she was at the creek! She spun around, and only saw green. Green grass, green bushes, and green trees. She must have scared the faeries away with her sadness. Heather quickly filled her head with happy thoughts. She remembered the time her parents had given her a new blue dress. She recalled when the boy next door had invited her to play marbles with him a week ago. She remembered when Suzy had made fun of her belief in faeries, but it didn’t matter because her grandfather had told her an entirely new story that wasn’t in any of his books. It was her favorite story. It was about a girl who befriended a dragon and went off on so many adventures. Heather wanted to have adventures like that, some day. Heather didn’t think she had a happier thought than of that story. Heather was convinced if she just remembered her story, the faeries would come. They had to come. No one in the whole world was happier than Heather when she remembered her story.

Although, the more Heather thought, the more she began to realize there was something that could make her thought happier. If Suzy hadn’t stormed off beforehand to do grown up things, then she would have been there to listen to the story too. Heather missed when Suzy would sit and listen to the stories too. Suzy had stopped listening to them a year ago when their dad had gotten sick.

Heather felt her eyes tear up again. Heather wiped at her face, but she couldn’t seem to stop the tears. She pulled her knees close to her chest and set her head on her knees. She was never going to meet faeries if Suzy was all she could think about.

Heather sat beside the creek, shivering in her soaked dress. She dreaded Suzy’s lecture to come when she saw her in such a state. Heather sighed and prepared herself to get up and go home when she heard something flutter behind her.

Heather turned, but saw something. Heather shook her head and started to wonder if Suzy was right about her being too old for faeries. Heather started to stand up, wondering how she could walk back home when her heart was so heavy. Heather was about to leave when a little ball of blue light darted in front of her. Heather’s eyes widened and she dared not make a sound as the light hovered in front of her.

Heather was able to see a tiny male figure in the midst of the light. She could definitely see tiny wings beating up and down behind him. Heather couldn’t quite believe it. She had actually found a faery!

A tiny voice said something in a language Heather didn’t know, but she could tell the voice didn’t come from the boy faery in front of her. It was then another ball of light came to halt beside the first faery, however, this light was a slightly darker shade of blue. Heather stared and saw that the new faery was a girl. She stood completely enamored and watched the two faeries argue about something. The girl faery tugged on the boy’s arm, but he didn’t budge. The boy simply pointed at Heather and spoke softly.

The girl huffed and tossed her hair before saying something that sounded like an agreement. Heather so desperately wished she could understand them! She had so many questions!

Heather decided to at least try to introduce herself, but before she could, the two faeries started to dart around. Heather gaped as they circled her. She felt her scrapes heal when the dark blue faery flew by. Likewise, when the other faery flew by, she could feel her hair and dress dry.

When the two had finished, they started to fly away. Before they had gotten too far, Heather called out, “Thank you!”

She raised a hand and waved it at them. The faeries paused for a moment, and Heather thought she saw the boy catch on and return her wave. All too soon, the girl dragged the boy away and off into the distance.

Heather had the biggest grin on her face as she started to head home. She had actually met faeries! She was slightly saddened by the fact she couldn’t talk to them, but it was still the best thing she had ever seen.

It wasn’t until Heather was halfway home did she realize she had failed to catch a faery. Suzy would never believe her if she didn’t have a faery! Heather groaned; even worse, Suzy would call her a liar without proof! Heather couldn’t let Suzy ruin this memory; the only solution was to not tell her.

“Heather!” a sharp voice caught the girl’s attention. Heather had long-held belief that Suzy knew just the worst time to show up somewhere and do it anyway. The older girl took Heather by the arm. “Honestly! You can’t just run off and do whatever you please!”

Heather ignored the rest of what Suzy said. Suzy could say what she wanted, but now there was no doubt in Heather’s mind that she was right, and Suzy was wrong. Heather supposed she had to make do with the fact she knew Suzy was wrong and just let her be in wrongness. Plus, Heather was already planning her revenge.

When Suzy had kids with the boy from down the street, as Heather had previously predicted, Heather was going to tell her kids all kinds of lovely stories. She was going to make sure Suzy’s kids weren’t as Suzy-like as their mom. The world already had one Suzy too many in Heather’s opinion.




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