Before the Day Is Done Part 2

Mari stared up at yet another wall, squinting at the bright sunset. It differed from other walls. It was gray, but it was much larger than any other wall. Not to mention, there was only one wall, and they were outside. She turned to Rekema, squinting in the bright, but fading light. “I don’t understand.”

Muraad wrapped an arm around her and ruffled her hair. “Don’t even think about it.”

Mari’s stomach always turned when he said that. She knew she wasn’t good at thinking, but the idea of not doing it wasn’t pleasant. Rekema crossed her arms. “Just trust us.”

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Stone Eyes

Haldisa stared at the gray, still sea. Hundreds of eyes stared back at her; she clenched her hands in her lap. She looked over her garden, devoid of flowers, and hardened her heart.

She heard metal creak, and a new figure, very much alive, moved at the back of her garden. Haldisa took an offered hand and pulled herself to her feet. She knew another hero had to come sooner or later. The distant glint of polished metal caught her eye; however, this one was smart. He wore a helmet. She could not meet his gaze. Read More

Before the Day Is Done Part 1


It did not belong in among the trees and animals. Surrounded but avoided. Sounds from nature filled the air everywhere, except for in the small cottage in the heart of the forest. It was as if the animals could not bear to come near for the very air around it was sickening both from decay and dark magic. The cottage was rotting on the outside and the inside, but she didn’t mind. It had room only for a small cot, table, chairs, and a chest to sit at the foot of the bed. She sat on the chest, ignoring the rough, uncomfortable wood. Mari had no use for it other than for sitting; she had nothing to store.

She clasped and unclasped her hands. Her feet kicked up dirt as she dragged them over the floor. She shifted her weight and leaned on her hands, trying to be patient and failing. She was unfamiliar with the idea of waiting. Before leaving, the Seven told her to wait. They would return soon. She understood the concept of leaving and returning, but they had never left all at once. One of them had always been with her until now.

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Sketch Saturday 1

I know; this isn’t fiction, but it is something I think you guys might enjoy. At the very least, it’s something I enjoy, so I’m going to do it. Basically, Sketch Saturday is where I’m going to show you guys how I drew a certain piece and why I made it the way I did. Read More