Before the Day Is Done Part 4

“They’re on their way, your Majesty.” A guard came into the throne room. His voice echoed around the room.

Rekema had Mari perched on the throne, Rekema was either unaware or unconcerned at how uncomfortable it was for Mari. Mari acknowledged it was beautiful, but what did it matter if it was beautiful when it was bad at doing what it was meant to? Her mind was wholly devoted to the question. Well… as much of her mind as she could use in her current state. Read More



She tidied up her desk, smiling as the joy on her last client’s face stayed with her. She shook her head as she straightened the wooden chairs in front of her desk.

“Matchmaker Ellis?” a voice asked while knocking on the door. Read More

Before the Day Is Done Part 3

What happened after Rekema made her wear the headpiece was hazy to Mari. Rekema had made many demands and orders through Mari, so many that Mari couldn’t keep up, not with the everlasting fog around her mind. She remembered the men; Rekema called them guards. Rekema had them take Dainan and the men who talked to him away. Mari couldn’t remember where. Before she could dwell on it, Rekema had Mari follow some of the guards up a flight of stairs. More orders were given, and Mari found herself in a room that reminded her of the cottage, only larger and cleaner. Rekema let go of Mari, and she stumbled to the bed. She barely pulled herself onto it. Her eyes couldn’t stay open; she couldn’t even move her legs or arms to get into a more comfortable position. She fell asleep to the excited chatter of the Seven. Read More