Before the Day Is Done Part 6

Mari gasped for air as she screamed and writhed about, unaware of anything other than the nightmare.


Someone grabbed Mari’s arms, holding them away from herself as she thrashed on the bed. She kicked her legs; the sheets fell away, and her foot connected with an arm. Mari opened her eyes, wincing at the rush of light. Muraad came into her field of vision and was holding her wrists together. She took a deep breath, and he let go, stepping back. “You know you nearly gave me a heart attack. Well, if I had a heart.”

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Sketch Saturday 2

Yes, the time has come for another Sketch Saturday (I never said it would be every Saturday). If you enjoyed the first one, I think you’ll enjoy this one as well. Like I explained last time, Sketch Saturday is where I take a drawing of mine and talk you through how I did it and why I did what I did. Here we go! Read More