Before the Day Is Done Part 10

Dainan and Regan had to calm her down before they could start to examine how they would go about stopping the Seven. Regan and Dainan discussed a few ideas, and asked Mari a few questions, but she had no answers. Mari didn’t know what the Seven were trying to accomplish; she couldn’t remember anything. Dainan told her to rest, promising he and Regan would start working on a solution based off what he remembered during his meetings with the Seven. In the meantime, she should sleep, organize her thoughts, and try to remember anything about the Seven that would be useful. Mari willingly did so. Read More


Before the Day Is Done-The Origins of Muraad

Time was different in the Underneath than on the Surface. Everything was different on the Surface. There were periods of light and darkness, and they were completely natural. There were more colors. It was huge. So big that Muraad could walk and walk and walk all across the Surface and never reach the end. Stories of its grandeur and wealth were whispered all throughout the Underneath. Muraad knew all the stories perfectly. He could recite them until he lost his voice, but he never grew tired of them. Images and dreams of the Surface filled his every moment, but he didn’t actually know what the Surface was like. He had never left the Underneath which wasn’t all that surprising, considering he had only existed for a few centuries, not even close to being old enough to being around for the Banishment. Muraad wasn’t the youngest demon in the Underneath, but no one wanted to let him go to the Surface yet.

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Before the Day Is Done Part 9

Mari stared up at the ceiling. She had nothing to do except lie on her bed, awake. She already explored every inch of the room, twice. There was nothing left to do. She didn’t want to fall asleep. The nightmare kept coming back. If there was anything she could do to avoid it, she would. Read More