Before the Day Is Done Part 14

Her fingers tangled into the scraps and tears of her skirt. The crown had lost much of its shine. There was far too much grime and stains on it to glint and gleam like it did the day the Seven first brought her to the castle. Her reflection tilted its head, blinking back at her. The reflection touched the harsh red marks on her face; Mari hissed in pain. Was it normal for burns to be the same shape and size on both sides of her face? They were perfectly identical on both cheeks and under her eyes, maybe she should ask about it. Read More


Before the Day Is Done Part 13

A hand came down onto her head. Balak’s grip tightened; her skin would bruise. Apep murmured something Mari didn’t understand. She said something else, and Mari knew it was in another language. It made no sense. Balak started to speak it as well. Her lungs started to burn; she hadn’t noticed she had stopped breathing. Read More

Before the Day Is Done Part 12

Mari shut the door to Dainan’s cell behind her, sighing. The book may not have been as useful as she had hoped, but they had a new plan. Keeping one hand on the wall to steady herself, Mari had to admit to herself that the plan… uh, what had Dainan called it, fear? Or was the right word afraid? The plan made her afraid. Despite Dainan’s and Regan’s warm words, Mari was not as certain as they were that she could convince the scholars and the guard. The only way she had been able to convince Dainan was not through words or even actions of her own. The only thing that convinced him were the actions of the Seven, how they used her. Regan had been hostile and unwilling to believe her even with Dainan’s help. It was only the fact Mari had a fit over the memory that caused her to believe Mari. Read More

Before the Day Is Done Part 11

With the heavy, red-brown book in her hands, Mari made her way to Dainan’s cell. Her legs and arms still ached, and she struggled to keep her eyes open, but she needed to see him. She shifted the book every so often, trying to help keep it in her arms by bracing it against her hip.

She puffed her cheeks as she turned down the hall that led to Dainan’s cell. Mari sighed when she noticed the guard was nowhere in sight. Mari was certain the man was suspicious; all these visits to Dainan, moving Regan to his cell and leaving her unrestrained. It wasn’t what the Seven would have done. Mari knew he must be thinking something, but she had no idea what. He was a risk, but he wasn’t her biggest priority.

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