During the Midnight Hour Part 10

While the shah knew how to entertain, he also knew how to get straight to business. The day after the celebration, the negotiations started. Continue reading


During the Midnight Hour Part 9

Shiraz was nothing like the dark gray Elista. Shiraz was beautiful tans, yellows, and white limestone. The city was filled with elegant designs, marble sculptures, and elaborate architecture. Cyra drank in the sight of her home while Soray happily chatted away to Vitalis about the city. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 8

Enough was enough. Cyra was done with being ignored by Ano and confused by Vitalis. She was going to get some answers one way or another.

Cyra laid down after she’d been relieved of her watch. She checked to make sure Mihrab was asleep. She gripped her necklace, whispering the incantation. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 7

“Careful, shahdokht!” Cyra leapt off her horse, snatching Soray’s reins. Cyra pulled Soray’s horse down before it could rear up.

“What’s wrong?” Soray asked, struggling to stay balanced. Her eyes darted around, trying to find the source of Cyra’s reaction. Continue reading