During the Midnight Hour Part 17


Cyra shot up from the sofa. Vitalis was staring at her from his desk. She pushed her hair out of the way. “Yes?” Read More


During the Midnight Hour Part 16

Cyra pretended to take a sip from her drink. With the way her stomach was rolling and pitching, she wasn’t about to put any alcohol into the mix. Across from her, a significantly dressed down Vitalis was carefully taking a drink. As long as no one looked too closely, they wouldn’t realize he was upper class. He blended in with the crowd as best as a Vialyan could. It helped that Cyra was there rather than being alone. Fewer people stared at him with a Sardesi at his side. Read More

During the Midnight Hour Part 15

Cyra watched Vitalis anxiously pace around the room. She crossed her legs, keeping her mouth shut as Vitalis furiously muttered under his breath. Vitalis had already tried discussing details with her, but Cyra wasn’t about to get into it with him when he was still clearly in shock and struggling to puzzle through the events. Read More