During the Midnight Hour Part 31

The first thing she noticed was how her knees ached. Her neck had an awful crick as well, but a hand on her head kept her from being able to lift it. Her legs were numb. Read More


During the Midnight Hour Part 30

She didn’t want to wake up. Cyra was happier than she had been in a long time right where she was. Why would she want to get up when she was safe, warm, and loved?

Then something changed. Read More

During the Midnight Hour Part 28

After Cyra tricked Vitalis into thinking she had gone to sleep, she bandaged her ankle and adjusted her pants so Vitalis would never see it. She could tell he was worried out of his mind for her despite the brave, comforting face he put on for her. His concern and love was so obvious in every move he made and breath he breathed. She’d scare him even more if he knew Ano had somehow been able to cause that injury. He was better off not knowing. Read More