Welcome to Cel’s Stories

Cel’s Stories is where I, Cel, post my fiction. Most often, I’ll be posting fantasy fiction in the form of short stories or short pieces. If you’re not sure where to start, I suggest The Glass Swan; as of the moment, it’s one of my favorite short stories I’ve written (although it’s entirely possible my favorite will change in the future). I loved writing it, which means I hope you love reading it and my other works.

Fantasy is my favorite genre in general, not just in writing. I adore stories about heroes, adventures, magic, and, most of all, dragons. I follow the philosophy about writing the types of stories you want to read; the only thing left is to find out if anyone else wants to read them. Hopefully, you do want to read them, and you’re ready to join me as I start on my own adventure in writing fantasy fiction.

Current Works

This section will be the one I update the most. At the moment, I am focusing on fantasy stories, although I’m giving you a fair warning my short stories tend to be not so short. At the moment, I am alternating between working on short pieces and longer pieces. Right now you can find my short stories here, and the serial I’ve been working on, called Before the Day Is Done, can be found here.

How to Contact Me

If you fall in love with my work and need to know when the next piece is going up, just hit the follow button and sign up so you’re notified. Also, don’t be afraid to comment, and let me know what you think. I love hearing from my readers. If you’re looking for other places to find me, I’m on Twitter as @celwrites. I’m also on Pinterest as CelWrites, and I’m on Wattpad as well as CelWrites, but any content I will post on Wattpad will be here. There will be content on here that will not be available on Wattpad. If you want to contact me privately, you can email me at celwrites@gmail.com.


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