Before the Day Is Done Epilogue

Regan’s feet couldn’t move fast enough. Her son cried into her shoulder, but she couldn’t to stop and hand him off to someone else, not when everyone else was behind her as well. Helmuth was panting as he lagged at the back. Prentiss and Aeary were struggling to move quickly as Prentiss tried to help his limping wife. Continue reading


Before the Day Is Done Part 29

Dainan insisted that if Mari was able to walk back to her room, he could go with her. Mari stayed closed to his side despite her own pain, keeping an eye on him. His shoulders hunched over, and he walked slowly. He was steady, but he was clearly in pain.

“Are you sure you can be walking around?” Continue reading

Before the Day Is Done Part 27

Mari had never been more grateful for Muraad than in this moment as she rolled away from where the sword struck the ground. If Muraad hadn’t freaked out, Mari thought as she scrambled to her feet, then Apep and Bidkar wouldn’t have taught her how to stay alive in a fight. Continue reading