She tidied up her desk, smiling as the joy on her last client’s face stayed with her. She shook her head as she straightened the wooden chairs in front of her desk.

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Stone Eyes

Haldisa stared at the gray, still sea. Hundreds of eyes stared back at her; she clenched her hands in her lap. She looked over her garden, devoid of flowers, and hardened her heart.

She heard metal creak, and a new figure, very much alive, moved at the back of her garden. Haldisa took an offered hand and pulled herself to her feet. She knew another hero had to come sooner or later. The distant glint of polished metal caught her eye; however, this one was smart. He wore a helmet. She could not meet his gaze. Read More

Blood Thicker Than Stone

“He had thought her default expression was blank, but he was wrong. Looking at her now, he saw what true detachment looked like, and he had never felt as empty or as cold in his entire life.” A fantasy short story about estranged family members forced to work together to fight a monstrous bird.

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“They were losing. He was desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. That is what he told himself when he went to her for help.” A fantasy short story inspired by the song “Help” by Hurts on their album Exile.

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