During the Midnight Hour Part 29

Cyra started walking as clear glass grew under her feet. She passed by the door to Vitalis’ mind and kept her gaze ahead. Continue reading


During the Midnight Hour Part 28

After Cyra tricked Vitalis into thinking she had gone to sleep, she bandaged her ankle and adjusted her pants so Vitalis would never see it. She could tell he was worried out of his mind for her despite the brave, comforting face he put on for her. His concern and love was so obvious in every move he made and breath he breathed. She’d scare him even more if he knew Ano had somehow been able to cause that injury. He was better off not knowing. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 26

Mihrab had no choice but to accept Cyra would be guarding Vitalis as well. Things had been… odd at first. Mihrab had been clearly displeased all day. Vitalis was trying to find his footing again with Cyra. He just wasn’t sure what he could say anymore now that she knew the truth. How were supposed to act around the woman you loved who didn’t love you back? Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 25

Mihrab came by twice a day, once before he went to meet Prince Vitalis and after he was done for the day. Cyra made it clear that she didn’t like that he was leaving Vitalis alone at night. Mihrab brushed her off, telling her there were guards in the hall. Cyra decided not to tell him it wasn’t someone getting in she was worried about; it was Vitalis getting out. Continue reading

During the Midnight Hour Part 23

Sand was beneath her feet. Cyra’s head turned slowly. To her confusion, the sand in the distance was disappearing. Cyra blinked and her heart raced with fear when she realized it was turning to water. She spun and started running away from the approaching waves. She pumped her arms, but the mass of water was faster. Continue reading