Before the Day Is Done

The Seven were Mari’s entire world, and they always would be. At least, that’s what Mari had believed.

They kept her hidden away, with only themselves for company, but one day they all left. When they came back, everything changed. Mari was thrust into a world of cities, castles, kingdoms, and kings, and none of it made any sense to her. Mari, like always, was subject to the Seven’s wills and whims, but ever since they had taken the city, they were leaving her by herself more and more, dealing with problems they kept her in the dark about. She couldn’t help but wonder if she ever really knew them at all. Mari now had more questions than ever before and no one to answer them.

In one day, the young King Dainan lost everything because of this girl who walked and talked strangely, like she was not in control of herself. He could not stop her; he did not even believe she was completely human. There was no way out, but he did what he could. He was able to keep his people alive, but became powerless to protect them further. He was imprisoned, left to rot.

One simple misunderstanding, for Mari had never been good with words, brought her to Dainan. One thing kept her coming back to the man in the cell, and one thing kept him from driving this usurper off: the simple desire not to be alone.