During the Midnight Hour

Sequel to Before the Day Is Done.

Twenty years was enough time for old wounds to heal. That was the idea behind the negotiations, but that was none of her business. Cyra had her job, protect the princess as they went to collect the delegate from Vialya. She didn’t expect it to be the Iron Queen’s son himself, Prince Vitalis. What was he, heir to the throne, doing travelling to her land for a few simple trade and border discussions? Unless of course, he was actually thinking of courting the princess… now if that were true, Cyra would certainly be surprised.

Although, rumor had it the desert nomad’s chief and his son, Ano, were going to be at the council as well. Things might be more serious than Cyra thought. She had no use for rumors, but when Ano told her the news himself, Cyra wouldn’t deny she was beginning to look forward to the council. She hadn’t seen him in person in years, but when they both fortunately had the gift of being able to walk the dreamworld, it was no struggle for them to meet. Not to mention, what her brother didn’t know about their midnight meetings wouldn’t hurt him.

Unfortunately, truth has become a luxury no few can afford, not when anyone could be a traitor. Someone at court isn’t human, and this demon knows how to hide. However, if it was the last thing she did, Cyra was going to finish this threat before it finished them all.