Short Stories

Here’s a list with summaries and links to all of my complete short stories and flash fiction.

Short Stories:

Help“They were losing. He was desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. That is what he told himself when he went to her for help.” A high-fantasy story inspired by the song “Help” by Hurts on their album Exile.

Faerly Right“Heather wanted to be right for once, and the only way for her to be right was to get proof.” A fantasy story about a young girl finding faeries.

The Glass Swan“She said, ‘I am glass; there is nothing I fear more than shattering.’” A high-fantasy short story inspired by a psychiatric disorder called the Glass Delusion.

Blood Thicker Than Stone“He had thought her default expression was blank, but he was wrong. Looking at her now, he saw what true detachment looked like, and he had never felt as empty or as cold in his entire life.” A high-fantasy story about estranged family members forced to work together to fight a monstrous bird.

Flash Fiction:

Stone Eyes: “She looked over her garden, devoid of flowers, and hardened her heart.”  A fantasy flash fiction piece about a woman facing her worst enemy.

Matchmaker: “She was the messenger; she didn’t actually create matches.” A fantasy flash fiction piece about a magic matchmaker.




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